Tesco – Summer 2015 Perfect Cocktail

Advert: Tesco – Summer 2015 Perfect Cocktail
Music: Santo & Johnny – Sleep Walk (re-record)

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Another Tesco Summer 2015 TV ad, this one has a narrator listing the ingredients for a perfect margarita cocktail, including “a very nice man to bring all the ingredients to my door” via the supermarket’s one hour delivery slots. The very familiar-sounding 50s guitar soundtrack is a re-record by Adelphoi Music, a London-based music production company. But what is it a re-record of? We must admit, we were scratching our heads until Sascha from Adelphoi informed us that it’s Sleep Walk by Santo & Johnny, a US number one single from 1959. Brooklyn-born brothers Santo and Johnny Farina wrote the song with their sister Ann, and it was originally released on the Canadian-American Records label. Sleep Walk (or Sleepwalk) by Santo & Johnny is available to download on iTunes.


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