BT Sport – Champions League Party

Advert: BT Sport – Champions League House Party
Music: Lethal Bizzle – Fester Skank (feat. Diztortion)

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BT Sport is the new home of the UEFA Champions League, and to celebrate it’s thrown a house party for this TV ad, featuring Gareth Bale, Franck Ribéry, Philipp Lahm, David Luiz, Robin Van Persie, Joe Hart, Steven Gerrard, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rio Ferdinand and more. The music track is Fester Skank by Lethal Bizzle featuring Diztortion. It’s available to download on iTunes.


4 thoughts on “BT Sport – Champions League Party

  1. lottie hisco

    does anyone know what the venue is? or how i could find out? I’ve googled it but can’t seem to find the location.

  2. thedamianb

    all the BT ads are alarmingly bad…as in ‘written on the back of a fag packet’ bad. And this is ‘urban music for straight people’. Sickening. This hopefully will deter people from spending money with them. Anti advertising!

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