Citroen DS3 – 1955 Limited Edition

Advert: Citroen DS3 – 1955 Limited Edition
Music: Jerome Echenoz – Le Chrome et Le Coton (Lafayette Remix) [English Version]

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Citroën launches a celebratory limited edition to mark 60 years of the DS model, claiming there is almost no chance that two will ever meet, with this intriguing TV ad. The song is an English language version of Le Chrome et Le Coton by Jérôme Echenoz, featuring Anna Jean and remixed by Lafayette. Echenoz is a French DJ and musician, who also goes by the name Tacteel. Le Chrome et Le Coton (Lafayette Remix) [English Version] can be found on the expanded edition of Jerome Echenoz’s Le Chrome et Le Coton album, and is available to download on iTunes.


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15 thoughts on “Citroen DS3 – 1955 Limited Edition

  1. billp

    Talent: Angèle Sassy + Max Wrottesley (drivers of the cars acting)

    I was intrigued so I investigated a bit as I did like all parts of the add

  2. Grace

    Really questioning what on earth you people have been listening to! Trying not to offend here but the song is absolutely appalling, neither vocalist can actually sing and the music is thoroughly depressing and monotonous! I have taken to muting the advert any time it comes on! I guess it’s just testament to how vastly different people’s music interests can be but I find it hard to comprehend how anyone could think this unpleasant song is anything special…!

    • banbromusic

      I don’t think you’re understanding the advert. It’s actually mocking those adverts that give the impression that a nice car is the ticket to meeting the person of your dreams.

      Hence the ‘cool’ emotionless tone that copies a dozen artists / bands from the ‘triphop’ scene of the late 90’s. Which of course is backed up by having two ‘cool’ people fantasising about meeting – but their dreams are brutally cut short, with the last killer line which of course is the irony of the whole thing
      ‘they will probably never meet’ because they are too individual

  3. Niall

    Don’t normally like English songs sung with a euro accent (a la Eurovision) but really like the sound of the male and female singers on this track. Also enjoyed the French language parts. Intriguing.

    • John Swain

      Absolument mon ami. Vives les differences de la Belle France contre les Anglais (es) et aussi les Irlandais(es). Sean Og MacS.

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