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Music: The Sugarhill Gang – Apache

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BRIAN and his helper bots the Herberts are back in this TV ad, and they’re ready to jump on it and shake robo-booty to some old skool hip hop courtesy of The Sugarhill Gang and their hit single Apache, originally released in 1981, then re-released several times in subsequent years. The track samples Apache by the Incredible Bongo Band, which is a 1973 bongo version of the 1960 instrumental hit for The Shadows. The Sugarhills add cowboy-related lyrics and the refrain “Jump On It!”, which has been converted here by into a hashtag. Although sometimes referred to as Apache (Jump On It), it’s not to be confused with a completely different Sugarhill Gang track called Jump On It. And, just to confuse things further, Sir Mix-A-Lot sampled the Sugarhills’ Apache on a 1996 track called Jump On It… All confusion aside, Apache by the Sugarhill Gang is available to download on iTunes.

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