Petplan – My Job, Your Job

Advert: Petplan – My Job, Your Job
Music: Franck Barcellini – Mon Oncle

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Cats and dogs have various jobs, but your job is to get the right pet insurance, according to this TV ad from Petplan. The music is called Mon Oncle, from the 1958 French comedy film of the same name (also known as My Uncle in the UK and US). The film was directed by Jacques Tati, and the music was composed by Franck (or Frank) Barcellini. Some sources list this track as Adieu Mario or Adios Maria from Mon Oncle, but we think that’s a mistake. Adieu Mario is a different track from the soundtrack, and we’re not sure where Adios Maria comes from. The Mon Oncle soundtrack was recently re-issued by Jonny Trunk’s Trunk Records, and Jonny lists this track as Mon Oncle, so we’re inclined to go with him. In any case, it’s available to download on iTunes.

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