Aldi – Favourite Things Christmas

Advert: Aldi – Favourite Things Christmas
Music: Jade Williams – My Favourite Things (Sound of Music)

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Aldi’s Christmas TV ad continues the supermarket’s ‘Favourite Things’ campaign, featuring reindeers on rooftops and brandy cream pouring, bright coloured stockings and open fires roaring, brown paper packages tied up with string – these are a few of Aldi’s favourite things. The song is once again a cover version of My Favourite Things from the Sound of Music, with new festive lyrics. The singer is Jade Williams, who also records under the names Whinnie Williams and Sunday Girl, and has featured on several popular TV ad music songs. Jade’s version is not available to download, but you can get the Julie Andrews version from the Sound of Music on iTunes.

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32 thoughts on “Aldi – Favourite Things Christmas

  1. wanger

    There has never been a worse trend in music than this. It makes me feel sick when I hear it. I wasn’t in a bad mood but now I am, as I have to hear this rubbish when I switch the tv on. The mute button is getting a workout!

    • Alan

      Please, make it stop! I, too, reach for the mute button. it has put me off Aldi, not that I was a huge fan.
      I read that she (Jade) also sings under the name ‘Whinnie’. How apt.

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