IKEA – The Joy of Storage 2016

Advert: IKEA – The Joy of Storage 2016
Music: Rhian Sheehan – Big Things

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IKEA updates last year’s Joy of Storage flying t-shirts TV ad, and gives it a new soundtrack for 2016. The new soundtrack is Big Things (aka Stories) by composer Rhian Sheehan, from the Velvet Ears production music library, and featured on the Velvet Ears 14 compilation. It’s available to download on iTunes.

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7 thoughts on “IKEA – The Joy of Storage 2016

  1. Clare

    The female singer’s voice in the ad is beyond irritating. Have to mute the TV EVERY time it comes on.

  2. Helen Tinworth

    I am trying to find out where the waterfall is, featured in the new ikea advert as it looks familiar to where i visited on holiday.

    • Fiona Watson

      I was trying to find out the location too as I would like to go on holiday there. Can I ask where you think it is so that I can look it up

      • Helen Tinworth

        Hi Fiona i will double check the name of the nearest village and let you know over the next few days. It was absolutely stunning in February. We went skiing nearby. Helen x

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