Match – Love Your Imperfections 2016

Advert: Match – Love Your Imperfections 2016
Music: Choir LaBinota – Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus / Scala cover)

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Thinking about finding a new partner for the new year? Match (rebranded from thinks you might be, hence this modern and slightly racy 2016 Love Your Imperfections TV ad, featuring various manner of couples coupling, despite obstacles including messy bedrooms, socks in bed, and tuneless singing. The song is a choral version of Teenage Dirtbag, which was originally a pop-rock hit for Wheatus in 2000. The ad was created by Paris-based agency Buzzman (Match is known as Meetic in France, Spain and elsewhere), and the choral cover version is credited to Choir LaBinota, a choir from Catalonia, and was apparently recorded specifically for the ad, and isn’t available to download. However, it sounds very much like a version by Belgian choir Scala & Kolacny Brothers, from their album of choral rock interpretations On The Rocks. The Scala & Kolacny Brothers version of Teenage Dirtbag is available to download on iTunes.

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