MoneySuperMarket – #Epicwolf

Advert: MoneySuperMarket – #Epicwolf
Music: Big Bad Wolf – Duck Sauce

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The latest MoneySupermarket dance epic features Gary the bodyguard, breaking out some bodypopping moves during a political rally. The novelty dance tune is Big Bad Wolf by Duck Sauce, the DJ duo of Armand Van Helden and A-Trak who have previously had a UK hit with a track called Barbra Streisand. Bis Bad Wolf is from the album Quack. It’s available to download on iTunes.

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12 thoughts on “MoneySuperMarket – #Epicwolf

  1. G. raine

    The most awful advert with folk groping their private parts. WHO wants to see that? and now the new advert of “Money”; no way would I and my family ever ever give business to these folk.

  2. Miss Adams

    Gross! Feel sick watching them all groping their bits at the end ! Should be removed. No, I’m not a prude either I just don’t get what the sexual display at the end has to do with insurance!!

  3. cherry

    Urgh hate this advert. A load of people gyrating and groping themselves .Can’t believe this hasn’t been banned. I’ve complained to as a I hope it’s removed.

    • Dave

      Your comment just substantiates the appalling lack of morals in today’s society, and particularly your own acceptance that such muck is normal

  4. A MacGregor

    How can the advertising authority allow this grossly distasteful and disgusting advert? It’s disgusting at any time but allowing it to be shown before the watershed is a dereliction of responsibility.
    They banned an avert by BMW saying it could encourage people to drive fast but allow this advert. Just shows the mentality of these people.

  5. Mrs. Pritchard

    I can’t understand how this can be shown tSpondon,o the general public without a warning. I feel quite angry that such a thing comes into my living room, it quite sickens me.

  6. Jean Timms

    Would like to complain about the Gary wolf man advert which is disgusting to be shown at all times of the day showing the three men at end of advert sex wise

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