Vauxhall – Yes, It’s an Astra

Advert: Vauxhall – Yes, It’s an Astra
Music: Kaiser Chiefs – Oh My God

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Yes, it’s an Astra, says this Vauxhall TV ad, following a recent trend of advertisers trying to sell you things they don’t suppose you would ordinarily want to buy, presumably because the Astra was seen as a bit outdated and boring before the addition of new-fangled super-fast 4G WiFi and super-bright LED Matrix headlights. Yet the soundtrack, if we’re honest, is a bit outdated and boring. Yes, it’s the Kaiser Chiefs, with their song Oh My God, originally released as the Ricky Wilson-fronted indie-rockers’ debut single back in 2004, and later covered by Mark Ronson and Lily Allen in 2007. Oh My God by the Kaiser Chiefs is available to download on iTunes.

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