Mini Convertible – Stay Open

Advert: Mini Convertible – Stay Open
Music: Cat Laundry – Awake

Mini invites viewers to stay spontaneous, stay playful, and stay open in this TV ad for the Mini Convertible. The ad is effectively a trailer for a longer 10-minute online movie, The Day Forward (available on YouTube), directed by Joachim Back and starring Clark Moore as Mini Convertible owner Jake. The music is Cat Laundry – Awake, from Berlin’s YouGuys, which is the production music agency of composers Fritz Rating and Niels Zuiderhoek. It isn’t currently available to download, although you can listen to the full version below. It’s a soundalike of the track 40 Day Dream by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros (as featured in a 2013 Citroen TV ad), which is available to download on iTunes. By “soundalike”, we mean it’s imbued with the same feel and style, but sufficiently different as to avoid being a cover. You can compare the two songs via the videos below. UPDATE: A YouGuys YouTube / Facebook post claims that Awake by Cat Laundry was originally released on limited edition vinyl back in 1997, and will be re-released in May 2016. We’re not convinced about the 1997 release (note “Rare Fake” and wink emoticon!), but watch this space for the 2016 “re-release”!

Download 40 Day Dream by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros on iTunes

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