Lynx Daily Fragrance – Tom’s Swing

Advert: Lynx Daily Fragrance – Tom’s Swing
Music: Anonymous – Bespoke Track

The good news is that this TV ad for Lynx Daily Fragrances is generating a lot of requests here at TV Ad Music. The bad news is that the French hip-hop track the requesters want to get hold of was specially created for the ad and isn’t available to download. Lynx is known as Axe outside of the UK, and Lynx/Axe say there are no plans for a release and the artist wishes to remain anonymous. (It has been suggested that the artist is French rapper Espiiem, but we can’t confirm.) So enjoy the ad, but unfortunately you can’t download the music.

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3 thoughts on “Lynx Daily Fragrance – Tom’s Swing

  1. Elodie coulanges

    I was thinking it might be one singer from section d’assault…sound familiar.

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