– James Corden Driver

Advert: – James Corden is the Driver
Music: T. Rex – Get It On

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Brian the Robot is replaced by James Corden, still taking the advertising shilling despite being otherwise employed as the host of an Emmy-nominated US talk show, in this car driving TV ad for The song is glam rock classic Get It On by T. Rex and Marc Bolan, who was killed in a car accident in 1977. It’s available to download on iTunes.

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8 thoughts on “ – James Corden Driver

  1. David Banner

    The latest advert is beyond annoying now. It’s at the level of brainwashing constantly being shown every second that ITV4 can fit it in. That bloody tyre screeching gives me shivers.

  2. Chris Hurst

    I think for you to use this song as your advert jingle is totally inappropriate. It’s more than forty years old, if you want to use the music why don’t you rerecord the song and adapt the lyrics to suit the product like you have with previous adverts you have done. I won’t be dealing with confused from now on. Incidentally Marc wasn’t driving that night it was his girlfriend.

  3. Mandy

    James Corden is still the voice of Aviva car insurance ads isn’t he?

    Confused are also using a song by a singer who died by wrapping his car around a tree.

    Geniuses over there huh.

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