Apple iPhone 7 – Balloons

Advert: Apple iPhone 7 – Balloons
Music: Toulouse – I Will Follow You

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This visually arresting Apple TV ad, reminiscent of the famous Sony Bravia “bouncing balls” ad, uses a load of multicoloured ballons to wish happy birthday to an iPhone 7 user, and to promote the expressive messaging feature. The song is I Will Follow You by New York band Toulouse. It’s actually a cover version of a song first recorded in 1961 by Franck Pourcel as an instrumental called Chariot, then recorded with lyrics in 1963 by Little Peggy March as a song called I Will Follow Him. Toulouse’s I Will Follow You from the TV ad has been released as a single and is available to download on iTunes.


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One thought on “Apple iPhone 7 – Balloons

  1. Sally Gillard

    Hello there, I am an i-phone user, but was horrified when I saw this advert on TV last week. As a member of the Marine Conservation Society, which has been campaigning in Britain to ban balloon releases because of the impact balloons have on wildlife (turtles, birds and other creatures), I think your advert is highly irresponsible from an environmental viewpoint and it sends the wrong message. I hope you will be able to contact your advertising agency and they will be able to up with something that is just as colourful, but with a less harmful environmental message.

    Sally Gillard

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