Apple iPhone 7 – Midnight

Advert: Apple iPhone 7 – Midnight
Music: Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam – In A Blackout

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Apple put out so many TV ad that it’s easy for them to become lost among themselves, but this one, featuring a young man taking some midnight pictures using the iPhone 7’s “practically magic” low-light camera, stands out as particularly eyecatching. The song is In A Blackout by Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam (from the bands The Walkmen and Vampire Weekend respectively). It’s from the recent album I Had a Dream That You Were Mine, and is available to download on iTunes.


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2 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 7 – Midnight

  1. Drew Holshouser

    I believe they ripped the guts of that song from a tennessee songwriter named Malcomb Holcombe and his song “Justice in a cradle” from the album “A hundred lies”

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