Ford Edge – Le Fantôme Trailer

Advert: Ford Edge – Le Fantôme Trailer
Music: Eclectic Music – Bespoke Composition

Ford has produced an 8-minute movie, Le Fantôme, directed by Jake Scott and starring Mads Mikkelsen as a mysterious hitman, to promote the new Ford Edge. This TV ad is a trailer for the full mini-movie. The soundtrack was composed for the trailer by Eclectic Music, and isn’t available to download. You can watch the full 8-minute Le Fantôme movie below.

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One thought on “Ford Edge – Le Fantôme Trailer

  1. Listenerone

    To those who don’t know their music, this seems like a very lazy rip off of the music written by Ennio Morriconi for the 1968 Italian Western film “The Harmonica Player” on youtube:
    Listen and judge. May explain why the short film bespoke music section don’t want to release it as a download.

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