Sainsbury’s – Food Dancing

Advert: Sainsbury’s – Food Dancing
Music: MysDiggi x Sainsbury’s – Food Dancing (Yum Yum Yum)

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Sainsbury’s has switched ad agency, from AMV BBDO to Wieden & Kennedy London, and this is their first TV ad from W&K. It features a diverse set of non-actors dancing in their own kitchens as they prepare food. The song, Food Dancing (Yum Yum Yum) by MysDiggi, was specially created for the ad. London-based MysDiggi, formerly known as Mystro, had his first job at Sainsbury’s, and his mother still works there, so he has a personal link with the supermarket. UPDATE: Food Dancing (Yum Yum Yum) by MysDiggi x Sainsbury’s is available to download on iTunes.

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16 thoughts on “Sainsbury’s – Food Dancing

  1. Siobhan Kings

    Great advert sainsbury…well done!!! Amd I don’t do adverts…I forward them out normally…but not this one

  2. Letmeinheredamnyou

    First woman – the obese one is an actress Donna Preston, they’re all actors.
    I don’t like it, and I particularly dislike the one where the girl in the catsuit waves her backside about and finally looks like she’s wiping it on the plates. Probably the most vulgar and offensive downmarket set of adverts I’ve seen since the money supermarket or the godawful obese aging hen party with Harvey Keitel.

    • limara

      ‘Probably the most vulgar and offensive’ comment about the Woman in the ad and the Women in the Direct Line Advert.

    • Letmeinheredamnyou

      Donna Preston – actor, same as builder’s manager in money supermarket ads. Great if you want ASDAs demographic…

  3. Adrian Pryke

    that theme music to the new ad sounds just like a record that is used on youtube a few years back so it sound to me like someone is telling porkies about it being a new specially created piece. mmmm.

  4. Nockerbilk

    Mystro has been around before shizzlekicks was born! He is an established artist on the UK hip hop scene. Legendary, self promoting and very talented. An all round good bloke.

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