Samsung – Quality Assurance

Advert: Samsung – Quality Assurance
Music: The O’Jays – Give The People What They Want

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Samsung’s mobile division attempts a bit of brand reputation rescue with this TV ad, showing the extensive testing that goes into their quality assurance, ensuring, for example, that the Galaxy Note 7 doesn’t catch fire. The funky Philly soul track is Give The People What They Want by the The O’Jays, originally released in 1975, and later used by Barack Obama during his US presidential campaign. It’s available to download on iTunes.

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3 thoughts on “Samsung – Quality Assurance

  1. Patricia Hawthorn

    My phone fell out of pocket when getting out of car. Not even 2 foot drop. The phone was in a protective case and the screen broke. False advertising whether it was in a controlled environment or not there’s did not break. Told my warranty is void as screen is broken so will have to pay for new screen on a phone that I’ve only had 4 months

  2. Kevin Young

    Samsung have used incorrect reference to quality assurance in this advert. What is shown is actually a quality control regime. It is completely not about assurance yet is advertised as such. If Samsung wish to promote quality assurance then it would appear obvious to make an advert about their management systems and not their testing regime. Tests and outcomes are only one aspect of quality whereas quality assurance is the total approach in terms of how things are set out, embedded in the practices of all staff in all processes including design, manufacture, supply chain management, customer service and so on.

    Promoting quality control is acceptable if stated as such, however, incorrect and inappropriate use of the fundamental principles of assuring quality in a way that suggests all that is required is a test, then, it is in fact insufficient and misleading which is not acceptable to quality professionals.

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