IKEA – Lion Man

Advert: IKEA – Lion Man
Music: Eric Coates – By The Sleepy Lagoon (Paul Sumpter production)

By The Sleepy Lagoon on iTunes
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Did you know that a lion spends more than 18 hours a day relaxing? This IKEA TV ad invites viewers to relax like the king of the jungle. The soundtrack is a version of By The Sleepy Lagoon by composer Eric Coates. It’s probably best known in the UK as the theme tune from Desert Island Discs. It was composed as an instrumental in 1930, and subsequently turned into the lyrical song Sleepy Lagoon in 1940. The version in the ad begins like the languid original before bursting into an upbeat swing. This version was produced by Paul Sumpter, and isn;t available to download. However, the BBC Concert Orchestra’s version, from Desert Island Discs, is available to download on iTunes.

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