Fiat 500 Anniversario – See You In Future

Advert: Fiat 500 Anniversario – See You In The Future
Music: Mario Lanza – Come Prima

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Adrien Brody buckles himself into another Fiat in this beautifully made ad (really a 4:36 short film), celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Fiat 500 with the new Fiat 500 Anniversario. Set in Milan, the ad sees Brody doze off and be transported from 1960s to the present day, via actress Anna Manuelli’s new car. “See you again in the future,” she whispers. But was it a dream? The song that Brody dozes off to is Come Prima by Mario Lanza, as performed in the 1959 film For The First Time. For the first time we can recall in the 16-plus years of TV Ad Music, we have a situation where viewers might see two consecutive ads in the same break using (almost) the same song, as the original version of Come Prima, but Tony Dallara, is currently being used in the very popular Coca-Cola poolboy ad. Mario Lanza’s version, as featured in this Fiat ad, is available to download on iTunes.

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