Jeep Compass – Recalculating

Advert: Jeep Compass – Recalculating
Music: Exuma – Bill (Baäl) (Chris Schwarzwalder Edit)

This Jeep Compass ad has been around for a few months in the US, and is now getting an airing here in the UK. The song has caused quite a stir, and some confusion, on the other side of the pond. It’s credited “Bill (Chris Schwarzwalder Edit)” by Exuma. But it’s actually a remix of the track “Baäl” by Exuma, an Bahamian musician named Macfarlane Mackey, from his 1970 album Exuma II. Christopher Schwarzwälder is a German DJ and remixer. Neither the original nor the remix are available on iTunes, but you can get the original album on Amazon. The Chris Schwarzwalder Edit is on Soundcloud, and you can listen to that below.

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