Freeview – Cat & Budgie

Advert: Freeview – Cat & Budgie
Music: Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – You’re All I Need To Get By

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Freeview’s latest TV ad features a singing cat and budgie, who seem to be getting on very well indeed. The song they’re singing is You’re All I Need To Get By, a 1968 Tamla Motwon hit for Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell. The song was written by soul duo Ashford & Simpson, and recorded separately by Gaye and Terrell due to the fact that Terrell was wheelchair-bound and suffering from a terminal brain tumour. You’re All I Need To Get By was a number one hit in the US, although it only reached number 19 here in the UK. It’s available to download from iTunes.

17 thoughts on “Freeview – Cat & Budgie

  1. Irena Vickers 8th April 2014 This advert is brilliant and its detail when the budgie and cat are singing make it seem real. I agree it should get an award alongside the dancing pony ad. I can’t stop replaying it.

  2. Best advert ever I have to watch it over and over it makes me smile very time

  3. Girl budgies aren’t pink, just plain, love the as. Makes me smile when days aren’t so good,.best ad in a long time..dont grumble, lifes 2 & enjoy..:-)

  4. girls voice on a boy budgie lol boys are blue on the nostril area girls are pink the one on the advert is blue lol

    • Wow. It’s the 21st century, boys can sing like girls and vice versa. Jeez, it’s just a duet

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