Mitsubishi Lancer – The Facts of Life


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5 thoughts on “Mitsubishi Lancer – The Facts of Life

  1. Mike Jones

    Close Dennis but the ad is actually from New Zealand and the reference to Scotland was a reference to somewhere far off and therefore interesting/exotic to the young lad. If Jimmy Johnstone had been from Australia he wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting. Given that it is still not part of some great English conspiracy to poke fun at the poor downtrodden Scots.

    A kiwi living in England

  2. Dennis Martin

    What is the world coming to…get a bloomin’ life!!
    The reference to Scotland is obviously to do with someone coming from somewhere reasonably close and a short explanation – rather than the lengthy discussion on sex ed the boy obviously got.
    I have to wonder about the IQ and sense of humour of the above contributors – get real! Have a laugh for once in your life!

    Oh, by the way I’m a Scot!!

  3. Christopher Gillan

    I am open minded about the very obvious sexual implications contained in this advert and must admire the clever use of language. But I do resent the overt racial overtones conveyed by the manufacturers of this rather ordinary car.
    Do they have a problem with the Scots? Or do they consider that the Scots are easy prey as opposed to those who appear to be more sensitive to remarks which are racially orientated?
    May I suggest that the Advertising Consultants might have the balls to experiment with a campaign which might reflect the ethnic conflicts which at present exist in the world today? In the interests of “political correctness”
    I am unable to express my own views, for fear of a visit from the thought police, but I am sure that you will be able to draw your own conclusions



    what does the boy mean when he says jimmy johnstone only comes from scotland what is the implication of the whole advert?

  5. veronica panting

    what a fantastic ad. thoroughly enjoyed it. always makes me laugh. nice, family orientated, suggesting the car is also. totally excellent! love the look on the fathers face when he realises what his son meant!

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