Sky Movies HD – Great Moments are Even Greater


This track is an instrumental version of Runaway from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ It’s Blitz album. The links below will get you the full song. (The instrumental was on a promotional version of It’s Blitz.)

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17 thoughts on “Sky Movies HD – Great Moments are Even Greater

  1. Calima

    Are u sure I’ve checked this track and it’s completely different the track I’m looking for is similar to the work of 2 steps from hell if u know there stuff? Thanks anyway the search continues. If u happen to find it would u mind firing an email with it in to thanks again Paul

  2. Calima

    Anyone know the background track in the new May2012 skymoviesHD add, it’s the one that ends with transformers also has clips of little red riding hood in it and super 8. Tried shazaming it but failed several times. Thanks in advance. Paul

  3. Richard Kite

    Can anyone tell me what the music is called from the new Sky 3D Tv ‘Get Closer to the Action’ advert featuring Peter Crouch?

  4. Josh Peck

    Can anybody please tell me the epic theatrical song is for the Sky One Lost The End double bill advert, i also beleive its on a sky movies HD advert for avatar, i litterally cannot find it anywhere, help would be AWESOME, cheerrs Josh šŸ™‚

  5. Amelia Cole

    Does anyone know the piece of music used in the Sky 3D advert with the footballers and Ballet Dancers in? Its been in my head for weeks, and i cant find it anywhere! Ta x

  6. Tom Bell

    Can anyone tell me the name of the Track used in the SKY HD ad, where Brad Pitt is on the motorcycle (I think it was on during Pacific) and maybe bled into another track. Great Guitar with lots of slides intro etc. It is really annoying me trying to think of it. All help appreciated. Thanks, Tom

  7. Ben Tappenden

    What was the name of the song on the Sky Movies HD advert just before Pacific last night?

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