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Even if you’ve not yet heard of Slow Moving Millie, chances are you’ve heard her song Beasts, released as a download today and featured on the popular Virgin Media TV Backlot advert. We spoke to ‘Millie’ to find out more about her:

Slow Moving Millie doesn’t seem keen to reveal her real name (it’s Amelia Warner) but she does tell us she’s 27 years old, and was born in Liverpool, but has lived in London “since I was wee”. She’s also an actress, has starred in movies such as Aeon Flux, Stoned and The Echo, and was once briefly married to Colin Farrell. But today we’re talking music.

“I have been been playing music since I could sit at the piano, bashing the keys and making up stories,” says Millie, adding that she’s been taking music a lot more seriously over the past couple of years. She isn’t signed to a record label yet, but as you might expect she is currently “meeting with people”.

So how did the Virgin Media ad come about? “I wrote a piece of music for an ad for Orange in France,” she says. “It was directed by Ringan Ledwidge. He showed me the Virgin ad and asked me if I had any songs that might work, so I adapted a song I had written called Beasts.”

It’s an intriguing song – what is it about? “There isn’t a story as such,” says Millie. “It’s about the past, and the beasts and monsters we all have to lay down and let go of. I was in Highgate Cemetery and I saw a gravestone which said something to do with ‘sleeping beasts’ and thought it was beautiful.”

Now that she has joined the many fantastic artists in the TV Ad Music ranks, does she have any favourite tracks from TV ads? “I loved the Jose Gonzalez track on the Sony ad,” she says, “and a Little Annie track on a [non UK TV] Levi’s ad… What else? The Regina Spektor song Us is one of my favourites, and was used beautifully on an ad for Sky Sports.”

Beasts is released as a download via Amazon and iTunes today (17 August). If the number of enquiries we’re received about the song are anything to go by it should do rather well. Thanks to Millie/Amelia for taking the time to talk to us! You can download Beasts from Amazon or iTunes using the links below.

Download track from Amazon
Download track from iTunes

Watch the ad here…

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