Fiat Punto Evo – Drive The Evolution

Advert: Fiat Punto Evo – Drive The Evolution
Music: Edvin Marton – Paganini 5

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Edvin Marton is a Hungarian composer and violinist. He plays a Stradivarius violin lent to him for his life by a Swiss Bank.

4 thoughts on “Fiat Punto Evo – Drive The Evolution

  1. Jo Borthen

    found out it’s – Dance act Faithless will launch a three-minute promotional video, funded by car marque Fiat, roadblocking the 9pm advertising break during Channel 4’s ‘Big Brother’ this Sunday (15 August).

  2. Jo Borthen

    love the music but who is singing on the ad? sounded a bit like Dido to me but i’m probably wrong!

  3. Chris

    Fantastic arrangement of Paganini’s 5th Caprice. I wouldn’t mind having a Strad loaned to me for life 😀

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