Macleans Teeth Care – Sponsors of Dancing on Ice

Advert: Macleans Teeth Care – Sponsors of Dancing on Ice
Music: Slow Club – Apples and Pairs

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The Slow Club CD ‘Yeah So’ features the track from the ‘Dancing on Ice’ bumbers.
Slow Club are a folk-rock duo from Sheffield, formed in 2006, after the break-up of ‘The Lonely Hearts’.

7 thoughts on “Macleans Teeth Care – Sponsors of Dancing on Ice

  1. Ethel

    Last years Maclean adverts were a little irritating but you could say they were also funny with the little strange man eyeing up the girl with the beautiful teeth. This year’s adverts are absolutely RUBBISH. Get them off the telly and just play some music or, better still, get a rival company to produce a good advert and get Macleans out of businss-FAST !!!!!!!! They are an insult to our intelligence. Why don’t they film something funny with children giggling (and showing their teeth) rather than attempting to make us believe that they are using genuine amateurs. If the latter IS the case then stop it Macleans and sack your marketing manager fast !!!!!  We are now going to start recording the programme and fast forward the adverts plus stop buying Macleans cos you are obviously making too much profit to waste your money in this way !!!!f

  2. jennifer

    does anyone know the name of the song whcih is played on the dancing on ice advert for 2010??????? please coment

  3. e perks

    Can’t see what the problem is? Most toothpaste adverts invite you to run your tongue over your teeth to experience the clean fresh taste their product leaves after you brush your teeth. I used to flick channels rather than deal with the DFS adverts but now I flick back sooner to catch the macleans ad-but then I quickly mute it when the nerve jangling Dancing On Ice logo and jingle begins. It’s a juggling act whatever your perspective!

  4. Tim Lyon

    I just hate this ad. Tasty Teeth yuck, yuck. Thank goodness for Sky+ which enables me to speed through the this ad. Ii has actually set up negative connotations with McCleans.

  5. A Riley

    RE: The Macleans Adverts during the breaks of Dancing on Ice.
    Macleans sponsoring the wonderful Dancing on Ice is great. The Ad would be fine except for the words “Tasty Teeth” it’s the most off putting statement. As the weeks have progressed I have actually started switching channels during the ad breaks. Kissing someone is beautiful and my preferance would be clean teeth and fresh breath. I don’t want to taste someone else’s teeth its – yuck disgusting. Twinkling Teeth, Tantalizing Teeth if going for words beginning with T or why not Dazzling Teeth but not Tasty Teeth thats just sick.

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