Nokia GPS-enabled Smartphones – Happy Navigators

Advert: Nokia GPS-enabled Smartphones – Happy Navigators
Music: Chromeo – Me & My Man (Chromeo vs Whitey ‘Fly Whitey’ Mix)

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This track is from Chromo’s album ‘She’s in Control’

3 thoughts on “Nokia GPS-enabled Smartphones – Happy Navigators

  1. Jacquie

    @Hetty Rose

    What a weird, small world. I was looking for a UK advert for Nokia starring a family member (He’s a comic). I’m in Canada. Just read these comments & loved the shoes, so got nosy & clicked your link. As soon as I got to your site I had the weirdest deja vu moment. I realized I’ve already got your site bookmarked – I love shoes & came across it once before – I think via a UK jewelery maker who had linked to you. You’re in my ‘bucket list’ folder!

  2. Claire

    Does anyone know where I can get a pair of the models green car shoes at the beginning of the Nokia Happy Navigators advert?

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