Gucci Sport – Wet Refresh

Advert: Gucci Sport – Wet Refresh
Music: Róisín Murphy – Slave to Love

This cover version of the Bryan Ferry track was recorded and planned to be released as the b-side to the single Movie Star in 2008. However, the release was cancelled, with the intention being to release it when the Gucci campaign began. Two years later, there is no news on a release, and the track remains unavailable, but don’t be surprised if it turns up on a re-released version of Murphy’s album Overpowered. Róisín Murphy is best known for her work with Moloko.

One thought on “Gucci Sport – Wet Refresh

  1. VPS

    Oh no, I would love to have this song on my Ipod! I already check on the Itunes store and there is nothing like! Shame this this single are not available! Will just keep it on my wish songs list! 😛

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