Amazon Kindle – Seaside

Advert: Amazon Kindle – Seaside
Music: Annie Little – Fly Me Away (Piano Version)

Download Little & Ashley – Fly Me Away from iTunes
Download Little & Ashley – Fly Me Away from Amazon

Annie Little’s solo piano version of this song was released as an ‘Amazon Exclusive’ download in the US last year when a version of this ad was shown over there. It’s not available over here (and no longer available over there), but the good news is that the full version of the song by Annie’s band Little & Ashley (Annie Little and Marcus Ashley) is available to download from Amazon UK. A subsequent Kindle ad featuring another Little & Ashley song, Stole My Heart, has also aired in the US. Annie Little also appears in both ads.

One thought on “Amazon Kindle – Seaside

  1. Opie

    bloody awful song. I thought that we’d seen the end of twee crap like this when Apple stopped doing their particularly bad averts but Amazon in their hurry to ape the market leaders have taken the baton. jesus wept.

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