Best of TV Ad Music 2001-2011 Part 2

To celebrate ten years of the TV Ad Music website we’re counting down the best adverts and tracks from 2001 to 2011, based on a combination of requests, pageviews and downloads. Earlier this week we revealed Part 1. Today, in Part 2, we present the top 10. You can also check out our 50-track Best of TV Ad Music Spotify playlist.


#10: The Free Design – Love You
From the Toyota – Today Tomorrow ad (2009)

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Our best of TV Ad Music top ten starts with this memorable acapella track from influential 1960s New York band The Free Design, as featured in this 2009 Toyota advert. The eyecatching ad sees four different Toyota designs unveiled via a neat cover-lifting effect.


#9: Slow Moving Millie – Beasts
From the Virgin Media TV – Backlot ad (2009)

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Slow Moving Millie (AKA Amelia Warner) was born in Liverpool and lives in London. She’s also an actress, and was once briefly married to Colin Farrell. Beasts was her first single. Slow Moving Millie reappeared on TV Ad Music in late 2011, when her cover of the Smiths’ Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want featured in a John Lewis ad.


#8: Freestyle – Don’t Stop The Rock
From the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk – Eyebrow Dance ad (2009)

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Don’t Stop The Rock by Freestyle is an old electro track from the mid 1980s. It’s been sampled and remixed various times, notably (and confusingly) by The Freestylers for Don’t Stop The Rock (Drop The Boom) in 1998. The ad was another from Cadbury’s ‘A Glass and a Half Full Productions’, following the gorilla playing drums and the airport trucks race. Cadbury’s reckon 35 percent of the British public can move their eyebrows independently, of whom 18 percent are ‘fully eyebrow ambidextrous’…


#7: Joanna Newsom – This Side Of The Blue
From the Orange – Blackout ad (2004)

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When this track from Joanna Newsom’s Milk-Eyed Mender album was featured in this award-winning Orange advert, which aired from 2004, it brought the quirky Californian singer, harpist and pianist to the attention of the UK mainstream. The ad won an international ANDY award for best use of existing music.


#6: The Egg – Walking Away (Tocadisco Mix)
From the Citroen C4 – Skating Robot advert (2006)

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This track originally appeared as Walking Away With It on the 2004 album Forwards. Multiple remixes followed on the 2006 Walking Away EP, of which the Tocadisco Remix featured on this ad, the second in Citroen’s ‘Transformers’ robot car series. Walking Away was subsequently remixed by David Guetta, and his Love Don’t Let Me Go (Walking Away) was a top 5 UK hit. The Egg, by the way, are an electronic pop band from Oxford.


#5: Radical Face – Welcome Home
From the Nikon Cameras – I Am advert (2010)

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Welcome Home (also known as Welcome Home, Son) has featured in several Nikon ads, but this was the first. Radical Face is Jacksonville, Florida’s Ben Cooper, also from the group Electric President. Welcome Home comes from his 2007 album Ghost.


#4: Allie Moss – Corner
From the BT Fibre Optic Broadband – Infinity advert (2010)

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This track by New Jersey’s Allie Moss comes from the 2009 EP Passerby. Moss combine her singing and guitar playing with work as a vocal coach. Corner was a big hit with TV Ad Music visitors, although it only reached number 70 in the UK charts.


#3: Vashti Bunyan – Diamond Day
From the T-Mobile – Flext advert (2006)

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Diamond Day is the opening track from Just Another Diamond Day, the 1970 debut album from folk singer Vashti Bunyan. The album was a commercial failure on releases, prompting Bunyan to retire from music. However, after gaining cult status, the album and Bunyan enjoyed something of a 21st century renaissance. This is the first of two T-Mobile ads near the top of our best of list.


#2: Bedouin Soundclash – When The Night Feels My Song
From the T-Mobile – Folding Scenery advert (2006)

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Canadian ska/reggae outfit Bedouin Soundclash scored an unlikely UK hit after this track was featured in this T-Mobile ad. When The Night Feels My Song is from the band’s 2004 debut album Sounding A Mosaic. The striking ad is from the Saatchi and Saatchi agency.


#1: Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats
From the Sony Bravia – Colour Like No Other advert (2005)

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This memorable “bouncy balls” advert first hit our screens in 2005, featuring Jose Gonzalez’s Heartbeats – the most popular track in the history of the TV Ad music website. Heartbeats was originally recorded by Swedish electropop group The Knife in 2003. Gonzalez, from Gothenburg, covered the song on his debut album Veneer in 2005, and it went on to become a hit single following the success of the advert. Heartbeats is the most requested, most viewed and most downloaded TV Ad Music of the ten years from 2001 to 2011.


That concludes our best of run-down, but don’t forget you can still check out Part 1, and listen to our 50-track Best of TV Ad Music Spotify playlist. Thanks for sticking with us from 2001 to 2011 – roll on the next ten years!