CSL Sofas – Sale July 2012

Advert: CSL Sofas – Sale July 2012
Music: Charlotte O’Connor – Treasure Island
[NOTE: There is a second version of this ad with a different soundtrack.]

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What’s this? A CSL ad without the vocal stylings of Steph Spencer? It seems that the sofa company has taken another female singer under its wing in the form of Blackburn’s Charlotte O’Connor. But CSL advert fans needn’t worry, as Treasure Island, from Charlotte’s debut album For Kenny, doesn’t stray very far from the template of previous CSL advert tracks. We hope this doesn’t mean Steph has been permanently replaced, like an old sofa, but we’re delighted to welcome Charlotte to TV Ad Music land. [UPDATE: There is a second version of this ad featuring the return of Steph Spencer.]

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