Continental Tyres – Winter 2012/13

Advert: Continental Tyres – Winter 2012/13
Music: Alberto Arcangeli – Dream Song

Download track free from Alberto Arcangeli’s website

Continental Tyres have started their 2012 campaign with this new advert for their winter tyres. The self-produced, self-released song is from Alberto Arcangeli, an Italian one-man-band who writes songs in his spare time. His albums are released via his website, where the track Dream Song, and the album Dream Songs, can be downloaded free.

One thought on “Continental Tyres – Winter 2012/13

  1. Kerry

    Just seen this advert after my friend had said that the boy who stands infront of the car when it stops look exactly like my 7 year old boy. When I saw this I couldn’t beleive my eyes.

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