ITV – Where Drama Lives

Advert: ITV – Where Drama Lives
Music: Ellie Goulding – Explosions

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We’ve had lots of requests for the track in this new ITV drama promo trailer, which features shows including Endeavour, Scott & Bailey and Broadchurch, and also features the new ITV logo. The track is Explosions by Ellie Goulding, from her Halcyon album. You can download the track from iTunes.

36 thoughts on “ITV – Where Drama Lives

  1. Josephine Moran

    Can anyone tell me the poem which is spoken by the cast of corrie and emmer dale on the advert for itv drama thanks ????

    • Charles

      Hi Josephine. You won’t be surprised to find it is Shakespeare; his Sonnet 18.

      You’ll find it anywhere on the net.


  2. Charles


    Can anyone advise as to the August ’13 ITV3 drama theme song ‘Will You still love me’?

  3. Lawrence Thornton

    Endeavor 4 – 5/5/13 – What is the choral music at the start of the programme?

  4. Paul B

    Hi. Can anybody tell me the name of the tune played at the beginning of tonights Endeavour? 28/04/2013

    Thanks in anticipation


  5. Hels

    Does anyone know the music to the current McArthurGlen outlet advert – the ad’s in black and white. Can’t find it anywhere…many thanks!

  6. RashMan

    Cameron.. Im lookin for the same tune! It was played on one of the latest Top Gear ads aswel. Have u managed to find what its called? Pls let me know lol πŸ™‚

  7. bobbyboo

    There’s another one, its like a chill out track, slow dance beat, muted guitar with repetitive riffs. I can’t find it anywhere. Its on the advert/promo you lot are talking about. Please help…. Its driving me crazy!

  8. Antony

    This is one of my best album. It is worth it to buy Ellie Goulding latest album Halcyon. Absolutely great tunes. You won’t regret it.

  9. Kitty Keenan

    Absolutly fabulous, found out the name and singers to both tracks that have been haunting me for weeks, thanks to this page exsisting!

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