House of Fraser – #YourRules Christmas

Advert: House of Fraser – #YourRules Christmas
Music: Grace – You Don’t Own Me (feat. G-Eazy)

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House of Fraser presents a hip choreographed Christmas 2015 TV ad set around a stylish party, with the tagline Your Christmas, Your Rules. Credit to HoF for trying something different, although festive traditionalists may find it a little too different, particularly the distinctly un-Christmassy song, You Don’t Own Me by Grace featuring G-Eazy. Grace (Sewell) is an Australian singer, and You Don’t Own Me was a number one hit in Oz. It’s a cover version of a 1963 hit by Lesley Gore. Grace and G-Eazy’s version from the ad is available to download on iTunes.

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20 thoughts on “House of Fraser – #YourRules Christmas

  1. Sandra

    Absolutely love the advert, best one over Christmas, I just wish the full advert had been shown every time. I am not a young thing either, I am a couple of years off 70!!

  2. Gareth Miles

    How did this advert – slip through the net. Certainly does not have any relevance to what is meant to be the season of good will. It comes across as defiance and aggressive

  3. Ken

    Aggressive teenage music cannot see the connection with shopping at HoF or maybe I’m just out of touch with modern trends,

  4. Jules

    House of Frazer Christmas ad….”You don’t own me”..disturbing and depressing….House of Frazer….you got this one wrong! …”you wont see me”…. ever again in your store.
    Sad days…!!!

  5. Avril

    Absolutely hate this ad. If it’s supposed to advertise the product no one stays long enough for people to see. Love the music. Dreadful production.

  6. Penny Gallagher

    Most horrible advert I have ever seen. Ugly, cruel, people being violent. Is that what young people want today? Totally depressing. Shall never shop there again.

    • J. St.jean

      Absolutely agree. House of Fraser you’ve lost my patronage. I’ll shop at businesses with a bit more class.

  7. Janja

    What has this advert got to do with christmas-absolutely nothing, the end bit looks like a witch on a motorbike! I’ve taken my shopping elsewhere.

  8. Emma wood

    Love the advert. It’s the most requested song on our radio station at the moment. Made me look straight at the tv,maybe not Christmases but attention grabbing by far, I sat and watched the whole advert,not my thing normally. Well don hof, you were brave enough to step outside the box, takes balls. U got blackpool radio’s thumbs up

  9. Janette Naylor

    Made me sit watch the advert really like it but the song is what really caught my attention I like the way the models are choreographed in this ad.

  10. Charlie Steans

    This advert is awful, the most unchristmassy thing I’ve seen. At least all other retailers have put on really good adverts.

  11. Fin

    House of frazer !!! Seems being rough and edgy is the beautiful message your sending for Christmas… ugly in a time when we could do with kind and loving…you went for gangster, cold and f…k you kind of style…seems some think this is fabulous!!! But not on my door step me thinks.

  12. Marion Bass

    Your Christmas Commercial is absolutely Fantastic, well done who ever thought of that, you definitely need a pat on the back, well done once again.

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