Co-op Food – #TheCoopWay

Advert: Co-op Food – #TheCoopWay
Music: Eric Weissberg & Steve Mandell – Dueling Banjos (version)

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The retro-branded supermarket, recently reverted from Co-operative Food back to the plain old Co-op, presents a diverse cast of customers enjoying food in various different environments (labelled onscreen as “serving suggestions”) in this Autumn 2016 TV ad, which uses the rather clumsy hashtag #TheCoopWay. The soundtrack, Dueling Banjos (or Duelling Banjos in UK spelling), certainly has a cheery vibe, although its connection with notorious 1972 John Boorman movie Deliverance (“squeal like a pig”, etc) does make it a slightly incongruous choice. Dueling Banjos was recorded for the 1972 movie, although it was based on an earlier song, Feudin’ Banjos by Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith. The version in the ad is a re-record, but remains pretty faithful to the latter part of the 1972 version, which is available to download on iTunes.


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