Sport Relief – Whatever Moves You

Advert: Sport Relief – Whatever Moves You
Music: King Bee – Back By Dope Demand

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Whatever moves you do it for Sport Relief, is the message of this TV ad. Sport Relief returns between 17th and 23rd March 2018, with a “Billion Steps Challenge”. The song is Dutch hip-hop track Back By Dope Demand by King Bee, originally released in the Netherlands in 1990 and in the UK in 1991. It features a prominent sample from Wiggle-Waggle by Herbie Hancock. Back By Dope Demand was released on vinyl and CD, but has never been released as a download. There are several second hand vinyl and CD copies for sale via the Discogs Marketplace. It was also featured on the 2012 Ministry of Sound Big Beat Anthems compilation CD, which is available fairly cheaply via Discogs, or via eBay. You can listen to the full track below.

Get involved with Sport Relief

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