Want to advertise on TV Ad Music?

The site receives more than 350,000 pageviews and 200,000 users each month (Dec 2017 figures).

Uniquely, visitors come to TV Ad Music looking for ads. And that means they’re more likely to click on them.

Display advertising

We can offer exclusive banner placement on every page on the main site at very competitive rates. If you would like to secure advertising for several consecutive months we can also apply a bulk discount. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Featured ads

In addition, if you are an advertiser or agency with a current or forthcoming TV ad campaign you would like to see promoted on the website, we can offer exclusive feature spots. We can also run relevant text and banner ads within featured posts. Just drop us an email with your requirements.

Please note that, in order to protect the integrity of the website, we cannot run advertising posts that are not relevant to the content of the site.

Music promotion

We also work with musicians, music production agencies and record companies to promote music featured in current TV ad campaigns. We can run features and interviews, and link to band websites, Facebook, SoundCloud, iTunes etc.

We’re pleased to work with signed and unsigned musicians whose music is featured in TV ads. However, we can’t help with licensing music for use in TV ads as we don’t make any ads ourselves.

Contact us

You can get in touch using our contact form or by sending an email to info[at]tvadmusic[dot]co[dot]uk.