Looking for some TV Ad Music that isn’t listed on the site? Post your requests here, but first:

Please check it’s not already listed using our search function and the A-Z, and check it hasn’t already been requested by viewing older comments.

Tell us the name of the brand or product being advertised, and where you saw it. If you can find the ad on YouTube, Facebook or elsewhere post a link.

Please remember we only list UK television adverts, and we don’t usually list TV promos/trailers, “sponsored by” ad break bumpers or cinema-only adverts.

Irrelevant and duplicate requests may be removed. During busy periods it may take a few moments for submitted comments to appear.

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  1. Ian

    Anyone know the music used in the Buster Plughole Unblocked advert? Something like “Suzie am gonna make you mine!
    Driving me nuts trying to find out.

  2. Kip

    Hi all,
    There are a couple of new KAYAK (travel) adverts out there with some 80s sounding, new wavy instrumental music. Anyone recognise it ?

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