Looking for some TV Ad Music that isn’t listed on the site? Post your requests here, but first:

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Tell us the name of the brand or product being advertised, and where you saw it. If you can find the ad on YouTube, Facebook or elsewhere post a link.

Please remember we only list UK television adverts, and we don’t usually list TV promos/trailers, “sponsored by” ad break bumpers or cinema-only adverts.

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  1. Perran

    This may be far out but i would like to know the music for the Regina Blitz advert it’s the superhero one. There is lyrics about and ice cream cone and bowling but I can’t find it anywhere thanks.

  2. Iva

    trying to find a song from fox life commercial, the end of song goes ”through broken glass i can see you clearer cause you are nothing but a broken man”-sang by female. Please help 🙂

  3. ritz

    I have been looking for weeks trying to find the new 2018 sky movies on demand advert music, it features wonder woman and the new pacific rim movie too, the music in the back is a classical piece i know ive heard before but just cant remember! please reply if you know!

  4. Fram

    Hello! I’ve searched high and low for the source of this background track of this loreal commercial of the 90’s:

    This must be the version aired in UK, but it is dubbed into other languages and remade using the same track. There are several versions of this commercial available on youtube. It sounds like regular stock music. Any idea of what stock music company worked with loreal in the 90s? Or where I could find this information?.. Thanks for your help!!

  5. Gazzacub

    Does anyone know what music is used on the advert for the English riviera? – it can be found on YouTube entitled “capture moments of fun on the English riviera” – thanks

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