Visit Scotland – Perfect Day


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2 thoughts on “Visit Scotland – Perfect Day

  1. CharlieF

    @Ralf C

    Ralf C

    For your information, the Waterboys were formed by Mike Scott who was born and bred in Edinburgh, which is in Scotland!

    Whilst it is definitely fair to say that they have had a Celtic sound, they are not Irish, although have had members who were Irish in previous formations.

    Just thought you might want to get the facts right if you’re going to slag all marketing and advertising as ignorant.

  2. Ralf C

    Am I the only one who thinks it ridiculous that the Waterboys, famously an IRISH folk group, should be the soundtrack to a ‘visit SCOTLAND’ ad!!! The song may have been written by a Scot (living in Ireland) but the sound is intentionally of a ‘traditional Irish music influence’.
    So appropriately Scottish??? Whose daft idea was that? Perhaps some halfwit in a London Ad Agency who considers anything outside the M25 to be much the same old ‘folksy rest of the British Isles’. Or is this yet another tragic case of upbeat Marketeers combining their arrogance and ignorance seamlessly.
    I’m not a Nationalistic Scot by any stretch… I just can’t stand to see this type of lazy stupidity when there are countless Scottish bands of the same era, of a similar ilk but with a ‘less Irish’ sound such as Del Amitri, Deacon Blue, Love and Money, The Blue Nile, Travis, etc. without even having to go anywhere near daft obvious Scottish fodder such as Big Country or The Proclaimers.

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