Thomson Holidays – Build Your Own


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9 thoughts on “Thomson Holidays – Build Your Own

  1. Wallace Thompson

    I can’t believe that James and Dave are so convinced the voice is Eddy Arnold. They are talking absolute rubbish for it is definitely the one and only Jim Reeves. It is this recording that was a top 10 hit in the UK in June 1963. I have had the record on vinyl, cassette and now CD and I know from the very first note of the music that it is Jim Reeves. Indeed, a Reeves CD containing the song was in the Top 10 UK album charts in 2009 (mainly as a result of the Thomson’s ad). The ad made me want to go somewhere nice and warm – it also reminded me that when we lost Jim Reeves, we lost of of the most beautiful voices ever to grace this world.

  2. Martin

    Sorry but it is Jim Reese but to say that it not jim reese you are talking out of your backside sorry

  3. Tess Farrington

    Thank you FYoung . There will only be one Jim Reeves and I had no doubt
    that it was my hero. I just wonder who at Thomson,s chose this song it fits the advert wonderfully.

  4. FYoung

    I work at the company that sync the music to the add. I’m afraid to destroy the controversy BUT it is Jim Reeves…!

  5. Polly

    Any Jim Reeves fan knows this is his voice in this commercial!
    There’s NO comparison with Eddie Arnold…as Chet Atkins once said:
    Jim Reeves has the voice Eddie Arnold only wishes he had!!”

    I’m 72 yrs. old, and have been madly in love with Jim Reeves since my teens! THIS IS JIM REEVES!

  6. Arie den Dulk

    Hi James Christie and Dave R.,

    Interesting posting but why don’t you go out to the High street and buy the latest Jim Reeves album “THE VERY BEST OF JIM REEVES” and listen to the track “Welcome To My World” yourself? There’s a big difference between the voices of Jim Reeves and Eddy Arnold.

    with kindest regards

    Arie den Dulk
    Jim Reeves fan club

  7. Dave R.

    Nice call James. I was convinced iyt was Jim Reeves, but having checked out Eddie’s version – gotta admit you’re right on the money. Thanks.

  8. James Christie

    Everyone is WRONG on this. It is NOT Jim Reeves. The song that Thomas Cook use in this commercial is “Welcome To My World” by Eddie Arnold

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