EDF Energy – Retro 70’s


A glam rock version of the Kermit song “It’s Not Easy Being Green” has been produced to soundtrack this new advert. Note: – the intermittent Heys!
It has images from the 70’s including a shot of the Glam rock group Mud.

10 thoughts on “EDF Energy – Retro 70’s

  1. dazzammm

    i guess the comment “COMMISSIONED” by the song title means it was made especially for the advert

  2. Carl Fellows

    This has had me flawed for weeks. I noticed Mud were at the end of the ad but realised it wasn’t quitre their sound. My initial reaction was that it must be Marc Bolan/T.Rex as it bears all the hallmarks of his songs; the guitar, the lead vocal, the bv’s and all. I’m amazed if this was specially comissioned as it sounds so authentic, so they’ve doen a good job, whoever it was. It’s really doing my head in and from surfing the net lately it’s got a lot of people the same way. A lot of people really like this track. Couldn’t find it on i-tunes or anywhere and hope it gets released. Fingers crossed.

  3. Keith

    @Garry Smith
    There have been 3 different versions of this song used in EDF adverts.
    The first one used a version by ‘The Trinity Boys Choir’ then they used the ‘2 Different People’. This latest one could be released but we shall have to wait and see.

  4. Garry Smith

    The 2 Different People song appears to be nothing like the brilliant glam rock piece. I have all Muds singles but isn’t on them. Is this glam rock piece available or just rejigged for the advert. Thanks

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