Halifax – Human Pyramid


This track is off the CD ‘Red, Yellow & Blue’ and was also released as an EP. Last year their song “Hummingbird” was featured in the ‘Orange – Pay As You Go Animals’ advert. They have also featured in the teen drama ‘Skins’ playing “Hummingbird”

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5 thoughts on “Halifax – Human Pyramid

  1. Jon Brown

    This advert was shot in New Zealand. My in-laws were extras in it and I can ask them how the pyramid was made. I do remember them saying it was done with a team of young athletes, but I guess they must have had some pegs or something on the wall in the final shot to grip on to.

    My mother in law is the woman running from left to right 2 seconds in to the ad and my father in law is the man with the white beard and glasses in the background having a coffee in the money handover shot in the shopping arcade.

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