Ford – Kinetic Design


This smart ad explains how Ford cars are designed to look like they’re moving even when they’re not. The voiceover is from Jimmy Nesbitt, and the music track was specially composed by Nick Foster and Peter Raeburn at Soundtree, a company that creates and sources music for ads and feature films.

31 thoughts on “Ford – Kinetic Design

  1. Paws

    The music to this advert has to be one of the best I have ever heard. The music (I think) makes the advert and that is what this did for Ford Kinetics. Extending it to a ‘full length’ track would take away the ‘wow’ or awe factor. If (with no disrespect to…) Jimmy Nesbitt’s voice could be removed from it then that minute of sheer wonderment would be such bliss. Thank you guys…

  2. gail

    I LOVE this music but if you like this check out Area 10 on itunes equally hypnotic haunting and beautiful

  3. spiro

    too bad… such an excellent piece of work to be on yhe hands of someone (company or person ) who has ,as far as i concern, limited ability to understand and appreciate good music hope that ford does realse this piece

  4. Dave

    Nick & Peter: As a big fan of everything electronic especially Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze etc. etc. I have to say I think your piece is excellent, shame Ford can’t see the benefits of at least allowing it to be downloaded

  5. mark

    anyone else remember a famous electronics company naming a gadget after that famous showjumper ‘Sanyo Music Centre’.?

  6. Mark Newbury

    Fantastic Nick. Reminds me of Ulrich Schuss at his best !! Well done. I need this music on my iPod !!

  7. Paveysue

    Love….Love….Love this music !!! Where can I buy this ? This is music to get lost in…….dreamy !!

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