Heinz Tomato Ketchup – Invisible Bottle

Advert: Heinz Tomato Ketchup – Invisible Bottle
Music: The Tease – I Know You Know Me

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The invisible bottle? It has to be Heinz. The music is another track by The Tease for the Soundtree company. The Tease are also featured on the recent Ford Ka advert.

20 thoughts on “Heinz Tomato Ketchup – Invisible Bottle

  1. Tom

    hi all, just recieved update from jay james, the song will be released on itunes on the 15th of november WOOO!!

  2. Tom

    hi again, james @ soundtree said there is still no fixed release date and it could be another month or so, will keep you posted on any updates.

  3. Tom

    hiya, ive just sent jay james at soundtree another email and am awaiting a reply to see what the delay is. will post when i get reply

  4. Tom

    hi again…..jay james said he is very sorry tht it is taking so long due to various members of the band being away and he will get back to me with dates asap.

  5. Tom

    hi katy….im not to sure if jack johnson is in it, all i know is that the tease is a collaberation of different artists so you never know….anyway ive just emailed jay james at soundtree to get a confirmed release date, i will post here when i get a reply.

  6. katy

    hey thats fab but i cant find the song yet has it not been released yet i have been waiting ages so glad to find out who the song was by i did think it was jack johnson ?? does anyone no weather it is jack featuring on this song think thats why i love it so much cos it sounds just like his music totally fab and wicked love it katy xxx

  7. Tom

    hi all, ive emailed jay at soundtree and he has said that it should be released in about 1 week, all they are waiting for is the artwork. CANT WAIT!

  8. Kayleigh

    I emailed Nick Nash at Soundtree and he said they are “planning a potential release”. Yay!

  9. Tom

    another brill song by ‘The Tease’ i hope soundtree will get round to releasing this song…..and the other Tease song from the Ford KA advert ‘im not invisible’ is gonna be released 6th july YAY!!!

  10. Alex

    Soundtree make good songs they are the ones who made the Ford KA Music too!!! Please Release it

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