The Sun – Seize The Summer

Advert: The Sun – Seize The Summer
Music: Graffiti6 – Stare Into the Sun

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Currently unsigned singer/songwriter Jamie Scott and producer Tommy D are ‘Graffiti6’.

7 thoughts on “The Sun – Seize The Summer

  1. cooldad

    Graffiti 6 are Jamie Scott & Tommy D. This track was written by Jamie, if you type “Stare into the sun” into You Tube you get 2 full versions of the song by Jamie. One the sound track to a short Ian Stevenson cartoon (which is close to the one on the advert) and a live early version by Jamie in a previous incarnation – Jamie Scott & The Town. Hope this of interest.

  2. Helen

    tried everwhere to get this…cant get it anywhere….if someone gets it please reply…love this song!

  3. Toastmonster

    Wow, heard this ad for the first time tonight, I love this tune. Can’t wait for them (Graffiti 6) to release more material.

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