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The track on this ad is most definitely NOT 5 Years Time by Noah and The Whale. It just sounds almost exactly like the ukulele/whistling opening section of the band’s hit song. Noah and the Whale are apparently so upset by the similarity that they have stopped playing 5 Years Time at live gigs. In a post on the band’s blog, frontman Charlie Fink says, ‘I just want to make clear for all those confused that the song that appears in the UK on a Land Rover commercial has absolutely nothing to do with us. We have never done a sync in the UK and have in fact turned down nearly a million pounds in offers to have our songs used on adverts etc.’ Land Rover, meanwhile, say that the track was specially composed for the company by a music production company, and there was no brief to emulate any popular music track. Land Rover also state that its advertising agency completed due diligence to ensure that the track does not infringe any copyright. Hmm. The links below are for the Noah and the Whale track.

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4 thoughts on “Land Rover – Photos


    The new ad which is supposed rto be Matt Monroe Born Free remake isnt ok either. Its not him.. its very similar.. caused arguments on those sites..YouTube.. WHY  are the ad agencies doing this..

  2. Eddie

    This whole advert is a rip-off. The ‘photos’ idea came from various Japanese videos on Youtube. It’s really put me off Land Rover, but I know it’s not really a big problem for them, seeing as I can’t afford one anyway!

  3. Frank

    Totally agree Deke. As soon as I first heard it I thought it was Noah. My son suggested that it might be from a new Noah album given that the style was, to intent and purposes, identical. Whoever did the due diligence may be having some sleepless nights if Noah choose to pursue a claim.

  4. Deke

    What’s really annoying is that I drive a Land Rover…

    Basically anyone who tries to deny that the tune on the ad is only accidentally similar to The Whales track is lying through his or her teeth. Certainly the chords are different inasmuch as they’ve left out one passing chord, and the melody lines don’t actually tie up exactly when played side by side, but everything about it screams ‘5 years time’.

    I thought it was The Whales selling out and writing a soundalike. If this isn’t a rip-off then I’m starting a new career writing advertising jingles.

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