– I’d Go Direct Guv

Advert: – I’d Go Direct Guv
Music: Madness – It Must Be Love

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This advert for the Government website for citizens features a cast of stars including:-
Suggs, Kelly Brook, Honor Blackman, Janet Street-Porter, Christopher Biggins and Nick Moran with a voice-over by Dame Helen Mirren.

3 thoughts on “ – I’d Go Direct Guv

  1. Johnmcd123

    I want to know why do I have to pay comision for my motorhome to drive in London. My motor comes up in logbook weight as 3.800 and when I weight it was 3.100 and it is reg 2005

  2. Dr. Jayant Katwala

    I was given direct.guv. UK from identity office.
    I need to know whether you can give me direction and advise with regards to getting a copy of my old UK passport

  3. New Jordans

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