Halifax Savings – ISA ISA

Are you looking for the more recent Halifax – Yeah Yeah Yeah advert?

Advert: Halifax Savings – ISA ISA
Music: Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby

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The song in this advert has become well known sung by Jedward featuring Vanilla Ice.

13 thoughts on “Halifax Savings – ISA ISA

  1. David

    There is something very compelling about the girl. Lovely smile and just love her chicken head movement when she says ISA ISA. Watched this dozens of times but had not clocked it was an ad for Halifax so on that level I doubt it works. Her expression reminds me a bit of Kate Middleton.

  2. harry smith

    Ian what’s the matter with you. You must be 99% blind! The girl in this ad is the UGLIEST girl I’ve ever seen. I’m nearly 40 and she stinks. Looks like she is desperate for date. Sorry love I’m booked out for the foreseeable future!

  3. ian

    this girl is so lovely it makes my head spin, those eyes could stop traffic. marry me, i will take you away from all this and we’ll live in blissful happiness for ever. of course, we’ll be dirt-poor and have no friends but, well, it’s a thought…

  4. Andrew

    This advert is so annoying it forces me to switch channels or mute the sound. I suspect that it is like marmite you either love it or hate it but I also suspect that most people in the market for ISA’s will hate it. I am astonished that halifax marketing department did not spot this.

  5. laura loo

    I LOVE this advert, I could watch it over and over
    His face cracks me up, when he is trying not to laugh and at the end just looks at her like ” your nuts”
    Funny, I think it should be on more :))))

  6. gargantus

    The worst advert in the world anyone who likes it needs there head checking, hope that woman has been shunned by all her friends for making something so pathetic 🙂

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