Nikon Cameras – I Am

Advert: Nikon Cameras – I Am
Music: Radical Face – Welcome Home, Son

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Radical Face is Ben Cooper from the group Electric President. The track used in this advert comes from the 2007 album ‘Ghost’

14 thoughts on “Nikon Cameras – I Am

  1. Googolman1

    Only heard/saw the advert a two or three weeks ago. Surprised it’s been around for 2 years according to some of these posts.

  2. Rodger Davies

    Thanks for this. Love Electric President so not surprised about the artist now you mention…

  3. oliver

    Good site-it upsets me when cooperations hijack real music in order to brain-wash you into buying their shit but on the other hand i may never have heard this song if they didn’t. i suppose it’s a case of finding out what the song is as quickly as possible and then ignoring the ad when it comes on so you don’t end up associating the music with the f***ing product which in a way would worse than never having heard it.

  4. Leelo

    this add made me cry the first time i saw it :O was so embarrassed but then i heard the tune and had to find it haha
    this is my favourite song now 😀

  5. mr.scmidty

    Actually, Ben’s other band is called Electric President. It’s really great too:)

  6. Emma

    Thank you so much! This has been driving me crazy trying to find out what this is since was on Eddie Izzard Marathon Man and I was in bits!

    Amazing tune!

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